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Finding Your Mojo

Finding your mojo The Cambridge Dictionary definition of ‘mojo’ is: “a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy” So how would you rate your mojo

Finding Your Mojo2020-06-15T14:52:07+01:00

Helping people recognise their own lies

Jo Wilson talks about the rubbish we tell ourselves. The untruths our critical inner voice likes to utter. The things we say to ourselves that we have repeated so many times that we believe them. And yet most of the time that’s what they are – beliefs

Helping people recognise their own lies2020-04-10T06:10:24+01:00

Sod it!

Jo talks about how she sometimes get accused of looking at things through rose-tinted glasses. She's had conversations about all the stuff going on in her life at the moment, there’s some really big decision that she needs to make and she's sitting down and working through it, logically.

Sod it!2020-04-14T12:26:13+01:00

Building an Ark: Sailing together

Jo was talking to someone the other day on Facebook, well actually they posted on Facebook and then she commented. And they were talking about a pretty crap week that they'd had and she jokingly put a comment on there for her that said “let’s build an Ark together and sail the sea of crap together”

Building an Ark: Sailing together2020-04-14T12:22:05+01:00

Do you project what you feel?

Jo writes about how it's strange how people only see what we show them, or maybe it's easier for them to just see what they want?

Do you project what you feel?2020-04-14T12:41:17+01:00