I was talking to someone the other day on Facebook, well she actually posted on Facebook and then I commented. And she was talking about a pretty crap week that she had and I jokingly put a comment on there for her and said “let’s build an Ark together and sail the sea of crap together” And I started to think about it and I thought actually, you know what its exactly why we do a lot of what we are doing, why we are so passionate to create a community, that we are building whether it be via the confidence experts community or via the to infinity with beyond community both of whom we are passionate about.

For two reasons:

1) to enable people to celebrate and share their successes as either they have got over something that made them really stuck in their life or just generally sometimes it’s nice to share successes with people

2) also as a support, to sail the sea of crap together, sometimes these obstacles come up and we need say sod it but sometimes we need some help to say sod it, we need to get on the Ark with some friends and other people that are there that are going through some of the same things as us and kind of understand.

The good old animals got on two by two, they needed the support around them to get on in pairs and be there for each other and that`s why we are doing what we are doing. Last week we did a course, one of our advanced courses, I looked around the room and I was so proud of the guys there that were really supporting each other. One of our delegates had the most massive thing happen to him that was completely outside of his control and it was incredibly sad and incredibly awful for this poor guy, he got this phone call that told him something awful had happened in his life. But when I looked around I thought he is on the Ark with us lot that can support him, he is in the best place possible to be able to support him. So, I suppose our ark is a bit of a joint ark it has multi-purposes, it’s there to celebrate with you and it definitely there to have a laugh with you and it`s definitely there for us to sail the sea of crap together.