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Are you a coach or use coaching methods in your work or life?

Are you curious about how NLP can enhance the results you get

See demonstrations of how NLP can create powerful shifts

Giving you the unique opportunity to see deep level NLP in action, I will be coaching at least 4 people using NLP methodology.

You will be able to see for yourself how using the art of NLP creates powerful shifts and releases the unconscious blocks that can hold us back.

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Have the opportunity to be coached at a deep level

As an attendee at this workshop, you can apply to be coached by me and truly experience the power of NLP.

Whether you recognise that you have goals you want to reach or there is something that is stopping you being your best version of you, we can work together to enable you to release those blocks.

Learn how you can help your clients and colleagues

During the day, you will gain an understanding of how you can integrate NLP into your current coaching methodology to create deep and lasting change for those you work with.

Take away a powerful coaching tool

As well as seeing many of the powerful coaching tools of NLP in action, you will also get the opportunity of trying on one of the tools yourself as you coach one of your fellow delegates and see the benefits and shifts you can make.

Learn new ways to improve your communication and coaching

See the difference that just some of the powerful language tools of NLP can make to your communication, and how adding the vast array of NLP coaching techniques can enable you to work at a deeper level with your clients and colleagues to promote sustainable shifts in their thinking, emotions and behaviour

“Jo has the gift of being able to see inside a person to what is just

blossoming beneath and help draw it from you, so you can be a more

confident and happier you. Watching her use this gift on others and also myself,

is a fascinating and uniquely beneficial experience.”

– Jo Hanby, Features Editor and Coach

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“I started off with this porridge mind and I have moved from that to clarity and I want to jump into this new challenge…..I now have the competence” – Linda Cowie, Director of Behavioural Strategy

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