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The keys to reconnecting your team, organisation and yourself with the motivation to work and grow, even during challenging times

Do you manage or lead a team?

Do you recognise that not everyone is engaged or motivated in your organisation?

Have you lost some of your own motivation mojo?

Organisations need to move with the times and be one step ahead in order to survive and this has been especially hard during these challenging times. As a result, teams need to adapt their ways of working to ensure they meet those challenges and this means that the motivation of the staff may have been affectedCompanies need to streamline or look at the most effective way of working, sometimes merging with other organisations in order to move forward effectively.As individuals we are often not in control of the curved balls that life throws at us and we can find ourselves lost or floundering and dig our heels in trying to hold on to the ‘old’ as it is more comfortable than the unknown of the ‘new’.

Whether you are a current or future leader, manager or professional who would like to motivate your peers, we have devised this course for you. Enabling you to engage and motivate your team in a way that suits each individual, whilst also reconnecting you with your own personal motivation mojo!Following this content-rich course you will:

  • Get people to engage with change and stop fighting against it

  • Gain empowerment by ensuring that motivational values are being met within the team

  • Ensure your communication hits the mark when engaging the team

  • Listen to the objectors who can be both useful and empowering and know how to increase your chance of engagement within the organisation

  • Learn how to increase and improve your own motivation so you can inspire others

  • Know how to dig beneath the surface with some powerful questions that encourage people to get motivated and empowered

  • Ensure you are not tempted onto the drama triangle if things become personally challenging or when others are not seeing eye to eye

  • Learn the 5 secrets to motivating a diverse team and how you can learn from a culture of productive feedback

Is this workshop right for me?

If your team has been struggling to maintain it’s motivation through challenging times, whether it’s due to a change in working patterns, a lack of direction or perhaps the engagement of the individuals has not been right, then this workshop is for you.

We will also reflect on your own personal motivation and how engaged you are with the wider organisation. How your own personal motivation affects those around you and how stepping up your personal leadership demonstrates allows the team to model your behaviours and actions.

The day will be delivered in an interactive, fun and thought-provoking way and there will be group work as well as individual reflection and development time.  The space will be safe and confidential and Andy and Jo, plus their support team will be on hand to offer any 1:1 advice if necessary.

Join us on Friday 26th February for a day that will make the difference you need in a safe, stimulating and supportive environment.

This workshop will be provided via live online training

Our online workshops are fun, fully interactive, thought provoking and, even more importantly, make the impact you need. You will have the opportunity of meeting positive and like-minded individuals and add to your support network.

“The workshop was absolutely amazing!. I have recently applied the techniques used to resolve a problem where I had deadlock. Thank you to you and Jo it was a fantastic experience!”- Margaret

“The course was extremely empowering and has provided me with a new repertoire of skills . I see challenging but more rewarding times ahead. I really enjoyed the course- thank you!”- Karina

“The session was seamlessly streamed with small break out rooms each with our own coach in them, and we also had lots of interaction with Jo and Andy in the larger group sessions, I was amazed how my experience actually went deeper than in a normal live workshop, with all the extra distractions of travel and going out for lunch breaks. The workshop was very well prepared, and I found all of the content really useful and immediately accessible. Thanks so much Jo and Andy! xxx” – Hari Ma 

This is a 100% content-crammed programme where you will learn the keys to making big life changes. As experienced NLP Trainers, we will also show you how continuing to learn the skills of NLP will make a difference to you achieving your success. 

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