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2 high powered and content packed workshops on Tuesday 10th & 17th August 6:30-9:30 pm Both for only £29 !

Join us live online for this virtual training programme and make a significant difference to your important relationships

Do you recognise that some of your relationships drain or frustrate you?

Do you want to learn how to express your needs or concerns confidently and without fear?

Do you want to improve some of your significant relationships?

Do you want to ensure that your future relationships enhance your success as well as your emotional wellbeing?

Join global quality Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainers and speakers, Jo Creed and Andy Coley for this unique and powerful workshop and take away some of the skills of NLP so you can feel empowered in your current and future relationships and improve your communication and connection with those that are important to you in your life.

Whether you want to enhance your romantic, business, family or social relationships, this training will provide you with an insight into your why some of your relationships struggle and what you can do to improve them. You will come away with a clear understanding of your relationship patterns,  how to safely express your own needs and how to use the powerful communication and personal development tools of NLP to significantly improve your relationships going forward.

Is this workshop right for you?

  • Do you find that there are some relationships that, no matter how hard you try, just seem to drain and exhaust you?
  • Are you frustrated from the lack of 2-way communication in one or more of your relationships?
  • Do you find yourself losing confidence when trying to communicate with someone significant in your life?
  • Have you tried to improve a business, social, romantic or family relationship but have found little or no improvement?
  • Do you recognise that building strong relationships is an essential part of your business or work?
  • Have some of your previous relationships not worked out and you want to ensure that your future ones do?

 If you answered yes to any of these then it’s definitely right for you!

So what will we cover?

This unique and powerful programme will be provided over 2 content packed workshops.

The first on Tuesday 10th August at 6.30pm (UK time) will cover:

  • Why you may often feel that you are speaking a completely different language to the other person
  • Why your version of reality can be different to someone else’s and how this impacts how you communicate
  • Some of the deep level reasons that relationships struggle or challenge you 
  • Understanding your own personal needs and how you can communicate these safely and confidently
  • The keys to optimising communication in your relationships
  • How to give effective feedback when things aren’t going right

The second workshop on Tuesday 17th August at 6.30pm (UK time) will cover:

  • How you can ensure that a potentially difficult conversation goes well for all concerned
  • How to avoid stepping onto the drama triangle and feel confident and empowered
  • How to ensure that you are feeling emotional equipped to have potentially difficult conversations
  • A key NLP technique that will enable you to ensure that you are mentally and emotionally prepared to have those necessary conversations and ensure that both parties come away feeling heard and understood
  • You will also have the opportunity to get specific tips and advice around your own relationship challenges so you can go forward with clear guidance on how they can be improved

This is a 100% content-crammed programme where you will experience the Power of NLP and how it can impact your relationships and your own personal development. As experienced NLP Trainers, we are taking some of the key components of our NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses and showing you how you can use these to improve your important relationships

Where is the workshop, when and how much?

This workshop will be provided via live online training

Our online workshops are fun, fully interactive, thought provoking and, even more importantly, make the impact you need. You will have the opportunity of meeting positive and like-minded individuals and add to your support network.

“The workshop was absolutely amazing!. I have recently applied the techniques used to resolve a problem where I had deadlock. Thank you to you and Jo it was a fantastic experience!”- Margaret

“The course was extremely empowering and has provided me with a new repertoire of skills . I see challenging but more rewarding times ahead. I really enjoyed the course- thank you!”- Karina

“The session was seamlessly streamed with small break out rooms each with our own coach in them, and we also had lots of interaction with Jo and Andy in the larger group sessions, I was amazed how my experience actually went deeper than in a normal live workshop, with all the extra distractions of travel and going out for lunch breaks. The workshop was very well prepared, and I found all of the content really useful and immediately accessible. Thanks so much Jo and Andy! xxx” – Hari Ma 

This is a 100% content-crammed programme where you will learn the keys to making big life changes. As experienced NLP Trainers, we will also show you how continuing to learn the skills of NLP will make a difference to you achieving your success. 

Dates: Tuesday 10th & 17th August 2021

Time: 18.30 – 21.30

Price : £29 for both workshops

This workshop programme is available to anyone who has an interest in improving their relationships

Due to high demand, you MUST register in advance for this workshop, simply click here to register and pay for your place on the course.

Click here to reserve your place

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