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High quality, fully interactive, certified NLP Practitioner online training that makes the impact you have been looking for!

You have an exclusive opportunity to take part in home-based learning enabling you to qualify at NLP Practitioner level. This NLP Practitioner online training will be delivered over 3 modules (see dates below).

Our NLP Practitioner online course enables you to learn from the comfort and safety of home, allowing you to learn brand-new skills and grow yourself personally & professionally.

The principles and philosophies of Neuro-Linguistic Programming have been essential to ourselves and our NLP Family during this time of massive disruption to our family lives, work, and socialising as the habits, patterns of behaviours and way we have been living our life have been turned upside down.

It has also give us the chance to allow people from around the country to access the courses virtually. We have been thoroughly testing the technology and delivery methods and know that we can give you a truly life-changing virtual experience, whilst at the same time adding in the social experience you’d get from our face-to-face training.


Slide NLP Practitioner Training that makes the impact you have been looking for! Slide Learn, experience, inspire and empower with our NLP Family! Slide Bring the Power of NLP into your life and the life of others!

“There is so much I can take from this course, huge amounts that I am going to be able to use. I can see myself changing massively as a person” – Bhavesh Vaghela


Who is this course ideal for?

The NLP Practitioner online training course is perfect if you want to bring NLP into your coaching, take your communication skills to the next level or enable yourself to move forward with new self-coaching skills.

You will gain the following and so much more from the course:

  • Take NLP, its communication skills and transformational techniques into the heart of your coaching and mentoring
  • Notice your behaviours & patterns and model where they came from
  • Spot trigger points and increase your emotional intelligence and control
  • Take on new behaviours, beliefs and choices at an unconscious level so they “stick”
  • Improve your own communication skills and enhance how others see you
  • Have tools to feel a lot more in control of where you’re going and improve your resilience, confidence and self-belief
  • Enable yourself and others to be able to tap into powerful resources quickly
  • Master the key principles of working effectively with groups of people




Module One: 8th – 10th May 2020

Module Two: 5th – 7th June 2020

Module Three: 26th – 28th June 2020


Delivered virtually to your home

This certified and international recognise NLP Practitioner online course includes 9 days of virtual, interactive, live content / practice, plus online pre study material, online learning zone and a printed manual

£1,200 inc VAT

Payment plan (£240/month over 6 months) available

Add a further 2 days of face-to-face training or virtual assignments to gain your NLP Practitioner certification for only £400. This also gives the ability to re-attend ANY future Practitioner course, plus 3 months membership of the ANLP

“The session was seamlessly streamed with small break out rooms each with our own coach in them, and we also had lots of interaction with Jo and Andy in the larger group sessions, I was amazed how my experience actually went deeper than in a normal live workshop, with all the extra distractions of travel and going out for lunch breaks. The workshop was very well prepared, and I found all of the content really useful and immediately accessible. Thanks so much Jo and Andy! xxx” – Hari Ma , March 2020


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