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Are you a coach who wants to enhance your coaching skills to enable your clients to experience high impact change?

Are you a leader or manager who recognises the need to take a more coaching-led approach with your team to improve their motivation and productivity?

Are you a healthcare professional who knows that one of the big obstacles in healthcare is patients owning their own health outcomes?

Are you considering coaching as a career?

Bring the skills of Neuro-Linguistic Programming into your coaching, consulting or leadership role and see the impact it can have for your clients, your teams, your patients and yourself!

Join Global Quality International NLP Trainers, Andy Coley and Jo Creed, to find out how Neuro-Linguistic Programming can make a difference to your coaching and leadership skills.

Learn how to enhance your existing communication and conversation skills, enabling your clients, colleagues, patients, friends and family to take control of their situation and feel empowered for the future.

This is a unique and inspiring workshop which will show you how you can utilise Neuro-Linguistic Programming to improve and learn new coaching skills, help people to own their own outcomes and guide them through the tricky patches in life. 

Whether you’re new to coaching or an experienced coach that would like to enhance your existing skills, this workshop will be ideal for you.

No previous experience as a coach?

That’s OK, our day is perfect for those who have no formal coaching experience or qualifications and yet have a real interest in helping people get inspired to make changes, realise the steps they need to make and take ownership of those steps and the change process.

NLP & Clean Language are a really effective set of tools to help guide other people towards an outcome they’d like to have happen, and the great thing is that they usually already know how to get there!

What we will cover on the day

  • Why people often get stuck in unhelpful patterns and how using NLP can help them break these patterns and develop new thought and behaviour strategies
  • How you can utilise a simple NLP based coaching model to get to the crux of the problem
  • Why people often do not take your advice and how taking a NLP coaching approach can be the difference that makes the difference
  • How you can use NLP to help people recognise and rid themselves of negative beliefs that hold them back
  • How to fine tune your listening to pick up the crucial details
  • How to help people develop goals that they can really connect with
  • Working with NLP to enable others to work out a realistic and achievable plan to reach their goals

If you’d like to learn simple and effective tools to help other people (and experience them yourself) then the workshop on the 14th November is ideal for you.

Where is the workshop, when and how much?

Where: Live Online via Zoom

Date: Saturday 14th November 2020

Time: 09:30 – 17:30 (‘doors open’ at 09:15)

Price: £49 

Due to high demand, you MUST register in advance for this workshop

The entire day will be very interactive with the opportunity to practice all that you learn

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