Finding your mojo

The Cambridge Dictionary definition of ‘mojo’ is:

“a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy

So how would you rate your mojo at the moment?

To me, the underlying states of mind that I need for my mojo to be at its peak are focus, motivation, joy, contentment, connection to my purpose and playfulness. If I have all of these present then my energy is high, work is much more fun, I allow time to relax and connect with the important people in my life, I am able to tackle any challenge so much more easily and find that my life and business just feels in flow.

What about you – what states of mind do you need for your mojo to be at its peak, what’s your perfect recipe for your mojo?

I have to admit, there have been times in the past 11 weeks where I felt like my mojo had gone into hibernation! I looked at my mojo recipe and thought ‘ ok what ingredients are missing?’

The first thing I noticed was that my frustration with the restrictions of Covid-19 were impacting my sense of purpose. There were things that I loved to do  – hold live empowerment events, help people let go of the things that were holding them back through my training and coaching and assist organisations solve their challenging problems through live facilitation that I could no longer do.

And then I realised that was a story I was telling myself.

OK, the truth was that I couldn’t hold live events and the new priorities for many organisations meant that my in-house training and facilitation had to be put on hold and yet I also recognised that I was concentrating on the things that I couldn’t do. What about if I started to concentrate on the things that I could? Surely it could only make a positive difference?

After all, the banging my head against the brick wall of the things I couldn’t change was certainly giving me a metaphoric and actual headache and was definitely draining my energy.

So, Andy and I started to look at the ways we could adapt. We looked at the needs of the people we wanted to serve and found there was so much we could do to help. Suddenly I had a revived sense of purpose and felt much more aligned.

What else is out of balance or missing in my mojo recipe?

Once my purpose was aligned, the focus and motivation was back up and yet I noticed that the usual kilo of joy, playfulness and contentment were down to only about 100g joy, 50g of playfulness and the contentment was swinging between 250g and 500g.

The changed way of living due to the Covid-19 situation was an obvious factor. As humans we have a primal need for connection, interaction and also need to make our own decisions and be in control. I know that’s definitely true about me because when I stopped and asked myself ‘so what do I have in my life when joy, playfulness and contentment are abundant?’ I could easily see that I have connection and interaction with people with good energy and I have choice and control over my own decisions.

Covid, and the restrictions placed on us, has greatly impacted my ability to connect, interact, make my own decisions and has ultimately restricted my choice and free will.

So, I decided to check in with that story I was telling myself.

How can I start to write a new story?

Rather than concentrating my energy on what I couldn’t do, I decided to start to concentrate on what I could do and also look at the support I needed to be able to do it. I focussed my sight on looking at ways of connecting more and supporting our NLP family and realised that their energy and love of what we teach nourished me as well as them.

I looked at the friends that also had the energy I needed and found ways to connect more with them. I found ways to connect with more people through speaking at virtual events. I connected more with the people in my local community (I live on a boat and found that giving myself the time to sit outside and just chat to people walking by seemed to brighten all of our days!).  I always made sure I said hello to anyone I came across and got more curious about the people I met in the supermarket queue.

I checked in on my personal boundaries and realised the pressure I put on myself due to my perfectionist tendencies were stopping me taking time to relax and appreciate the life I have so I made a mental list of all the great things in my life.

I stopped scrolling through social media as I realised it impacted my mood and replaced that time with having a laugh with my partner and doing video calls with my lovely mum.

Having choice

I constantly reminded myself that I do have choice in how I react and I have all of the NLP skills and tools to help me react in a way that is beneficial to me.

Setting myself up to be at my best

One of the many things we teach on our NLP courses (which we also combine with the power of Clean Language) is something called a Clean Set Up. Basically, this is an amazing short routine that you can implement in so many areas. It’s simply a case of asking yourself 3 questions:

For my day to be exactly as I need to be it needs to be like what?

In order for that to happen, I need to be like what?

In order for that to happen, what support and resources do I need?

You can replace ‘my day’ with whatever you want. You could ask ‘For my mojo to be exactly as I need, it needs to be like what?’ ‘For this conversation….. For this meeting …… For this transition……..’ whatever and whenever you want or need to be at your most resourced.

What else can help me?

Andy and I are always here to help you find ways and resources to be your most empowered self. Remember that we have are constantly adding to our free resources and also have free and low cost live and virtual workshops in our calendar of events.

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