Have you wondered what is the secret of having the confidence to say no?

How is it possible to say No to the things you don’t want, so you can start saying Yes to the things you do want?

This is a question we are often asked which is why we have made available a video recording of our recent webinar with Janey Lee Grace (BBC Radio2 presenter and confident brand expert) on just how you can do just that.

We look at what makes us say yes to the wrong things as well as how you can learn the tips to ensure you can go forward having the confidence to say no to the wrong things.

We discuss why some people find it easy to say no while some of us are racked with guilt.

We recognise how some of us allow that rescuer and mind reader to come to the fore and forget about what is good for us

Most importantly of all, we share with you some great tips and techniques to make the difference for you going forward.

Content packed we know you will get a lot from this video

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