I have found myself finding this a bit challenging recently. Running 3 businesses often results in my mind being constantly active, thinking about all the things I need to be doing, mind-juggling the ‘what if ….?’, ‘the I need to….’ and the ‘how do I…?’.

So I keep trying to switch my brain off, going for walks, reading etc but my inner voice keeps popping back in.

Last week it was my birthday and my wonderful husband solved the problem. I mentioned to him that, when I was a child, I used to spend hours in my bedroom playing my bontempi organ (for those youngsters amongst you, this was a plastic keyboard with a bank of about 10 big chunky buttons on the left hand side that you pressed to get the chords, anyone else have one?).

So he bought me a keyboard (a boat friendly size obviously!). The fantastic thing is that, when I am concentrating on learning a new tune, my brain is completely preoccupied with the challenge and my inner voice is also completely focussed on the music and finding the right notes for each hand to play.

Ok so my brain is not switched off, but it has been given something else to do that also fulfils, what I have recognised over the years, are the key criteria for my brain:

  • Learning
  • Being creative
  • Having a goal -something to achieve
  • Development (something to move on to once I have achieved the goal)
  • Play and fun

So what does your brain like, what are its key criteria and how do you fulfil it? How do you switch your inner voice off?