The link between NLP and confidence is based on both our the effect of our critical inner voice, our motivation and behaviour programmes, our limiting beliefs and also how our physiology affects the way we feel. It has long been recognised that how you feel, controls what happens to your body and more importantly what you do with your body affects your emotional state as well.  That connection between your state and your physiology is one that should not be underrated.

We came across this fantastic TED Talk by Dr Amy Cuddy as it shows research that she carried out about how your brain is chemically changed, simply from the way you stand/sit!

We’ve utilised this video in a number of workshops in the past and during one, which we carried out on behalf of an Ambulance Service, we got some great feedback from one of the participants.  She said that she’d been doing the ‘Wonder woman’ stance (watch the video and it’ll make sense) with her daughter each morning, just before work/school. Not only did it improve the way their days went, both noticed a great improvement in their confidence as well.

So spend just 2 minutes before that important meeting in your power pose, and also remember to ask yourself – when I’m at my most confident, I’m like what and recall all those times when you’ve had confidence whilst you’re in that pose.

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