“21% of people resolve to change jobs”

That does mean that 79% of people haven’t…

It’s interesting isn’t it, the headlines will always grab you with the negative aspect, over 20% of people want to change jobs, but that means that nearly four in five people around don’t.  

Of course many factors indicate what’s happening in the environment, service and department at the moment – but you needn’t leave your current job to become more satisfied.

A bit like changing the focus of attention on the headline, are you looking at the 20% or the 80% when it comes to what’s happened in 2017?

According to the same study*, the following resolutions were also made concerning work:

  • Save more of my pay: 38 per cent
  • Be less stressed: 28 per cent
  • Get a raise or promotion: 26 per cent
  • Eat healthier at work: 19 per cent
  • Learn something new (take more courses, training, seminars): 17 per cent

So whilst some were looking to change the environment they’re working in, many others are looking to become “less stressed” or to seek advancement in knowledge, position or pay.

Eating healthier tends to tie into the general focus on our fitness and health in the new year.  I think this should always include your mental health as well!

How can you improve your mental health at work?

During our career focus workshops and 1:1 coaching, we often talk about various ways that you can improve your mental health at work 

When you feel like things are not going well, or haven’t gone well, it can get you down, feeling like you’ve not achieved everything you wanted.

Yet often there are lots of things that happened that you don’t give yourself credit for.

Sometimes you need to step back and get some perspective.

Here is a little process that I’d invite you to do before we enter 2018, during a short break or when you’re not working, it should take about half an hour.  You’ll need a pen and a few sheets of paper.  These are expanded versions of some of the questions I asked in my last blog and we cover this a lot more on our coaching and career training days.

Firstly, take stock of what you’ve achieved

As you look back at 2017, what did you achieve this year?  Which projects, plans and outcomes did you put into place.  Whatever the win, whether it be big or small, did you manage?  You’ll get the chance to list the less positive ones in a bit, for now, stick to the things that worked well.

I want you to write them all down – list them out, go back through the diary, or float back in your mind through the year and write down all the things that went well about work.

It might be that “you’re still there” and that’s a win for you, or that despite other factors in other areas of life, you kept working.  Maybe your organisation merged or you work for yourself and gain new clients.

List everything and keep asking, what else worked well this year in my work/career?

Secondly, what didn’t go well?

Here’s your chance to get the stick out and beat yourself up about all the things that didn’t go well in the last 12 months, what didn’t go well this year?

What didn’t you achieve that you’d like to have done?

What choices did you make that you wish you hadn’t in your career/organisation?

What did your inner critic keep you awake at night reminding you about?

Write them all down, get them out of your system and get them listed down as well.

Finally, what’s 2018 going to give you?

I know that you’ll realise that the magic crystal ball of “hindsight” doesn’t exist, and yet I suspect that the second list will be full of things that you wished you’d known at the time you made the decision.  But of course, you didn’t know then, what you know now and you made the choice you made at the time with the information you had!

So what will you resolve to do in 2018?  What feedback can you take from what happened?

I’ve just watched the new Star Wars film and Yoda has yet another great quote in this movie…

“The greatest teacher, failure is”

It’s true though, if it went well – hurrah, if it didn’t, I bet you learnt tons of new information, and have new choices for the next time around!

Another quote that often comes up on our NLP Training is also from Yoda!

“Do or do not, there is no try”

Either commit to it, or don’t as without the commitment you might as well look at doing something else that you can commit to.

So as you look at that list of all the things you have achieved in 2017 and those things you didn’t, what are you going to commit to making happen in 2018 and how will you learn and take feedback from that second list to make sure your plans end on the first list next new year?

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* The CareerBuilder study can be found by clicking here.