Are you ready for the Christmas break?

Do you feel that you’ve got the right balance between taking the time you need for yourself and the work that you’ve got on at the moment?

Some of you will be working over the “Festive” period so when you do have the time, will you be able to switch off the phone, put on the out of office and leave work behind for a few hours/days?

When work is so demanding it can take practice to completely switch off the business brain and yet next week we all have the perfect opportunity to take the time to rest, recharge and refocus.

I’ve recently had a baby, 12 weeks ago Megan came into my life and dramatically changed my focus in terms of the quality of time that I spend when not working. But it’s been tough, I run my own business and have “things to do” and a long list of tasks that never seems to shrink and yet I also perform much better when I take the time to switch off and enjoy the moment.

So what can you do to switch off over Christmas?

Recharge and recuperate

Do more of what you love over the holidays. Some people get energised in the company of other people whilst others need to get away from it all and grab a good book.

Do you need to socialise, read a newspaper, watch the latest box set in your PJs at 2 pm, redecorate the house or move to a log cabin in the woods?

You already know what you need to recharge those internal batteries so make sure you take the time to do more of that as it’ll help you in the New Year if you take the time now

Plan in the time to recharge

We plug our devices in each day so that they are not drained when we need them, so why don’t we do that for ourselves each day?

There are lots of expectations on our time, especially over the festive period with family and friends visiting. Make space in the diary for the things that will recharge you, if you’re usually someone that enjoys your own company and all of a sudden you’re locked in a large house with 20 relatives, music playing and kids running about… you might find this a drain!

Plan into the days what you can do to recharge. Set alarm reminders to exercise, meditate or just do nothing if you need to, as without it, we cannot be at our best and that’s what is the most important in the work you do and the life you have.

Step away from the technology

The great thing about the Christmas period is that usually no-one is expecting a reply and when combined with a weekend, (for those lucky enough to not have to work weekends) it means that you could allow yourself to step away from the technology.

Whilst it’s usual for us to receive lots of messages from friends and family during the festive period, try to avoid looking at work-related emails for the days on which you’re actually ‘on holiday’. Don’t always have your phone with you to see whether you can get some separation.

All phones and pads can switch off downloading of the emails, if the notifications are a prompt for you.

If you need to remember something – take a notepad with you, write it down and then you’re not distracted by whatever you notice next.

Remember that social media is designed to be distracting and to pull you into the platform and the best bet is to not engage, after all as Noddy Holder says… “IIIIIIIIIItttttttttttt’s Christmas”

Revel in the time you get to spend with friends and family (or with yourself)

Often the festive season is the one time of year when family and friends get to spend time with each other. Focus on the people you’re with or if you’re on your own – enjoy that. Be fully in the moment, and enjoy the fact that you don’t need to be juggling work commitments and time with your loved ones.

Why rush?

We get so used to rushing from one place to another during the working week, that it can be hard to drop the habit when we’re on a break. Give yourself lots of time to get things done so that you don’t have to race around from one task to the other.

What would you like to have happen in 2018?

The Christmas and New Year break is a perfect time to take stock of your work/life balance in 2017 and plan for 2018. We can spend a lot of time looking at what didn’t happen rather than what we did so make sure you pat yourself on the back!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What did I achieve in 2017? List all the things that happened that you’re proud of, no matter what they were – large or small
  • What didn’t you have the chance to achieve in 2017? Which projects didn’t happen in 2017 that you’d have liked to have completed?
  • What can you learn from what you achieved and what you didn’t?
  • What would you like to have happen in 2018?
  • When you achieve those 2018 goals, what difference will it make in your life?
  • If you don’t achieve those 2018 goals, what difference will it make in your life?
  • What support and resources do you need to achieve it?

Giving yourself additional support to make it happen

The easiest way is to sign up for our free resources and information by contacting us, also chatting to us about the 1:1 career advice and workshops we can provide alongside coaching.