Do you know what, I sometimes get accused of looking at things through rose-tinted glasses. I had a conversation with someone yesterday and you know there is stuff going on in my life at the moment, there’s some really big decision that I need to make and I am sitting down and I`m working through it and I’m looking at it logically. I`m looking at what I can do not what I can`t. And someone said to me you are always looking through things through rose-tinted glasses, do ever not get stressed about stuff? You know what I thought, I thought sod it, sod it, why the hell should I conform to all the pressure that is on you to look on the negatives of life and look at the problems. Yeah life can have some bloody big obstacles sometimes, it can be a little bit shit sometimes.

But you kind of have a choice, you have a choice to either dwell on the negatives or go right, I know what I want I’m going to go for it. Sometimes that means being brave, sometimes that means just jumping into something with all your heart and all your soul. So, for me that’s what I`ve decided to do, I don’t know about you but for me, its sod it. If I want to look at things in a positive way, that’s what I’m going to do. If I want to dream big, that’s what I’m going to do. If I want to go for what I really really really really really want to do than that what I’m bloody going to do. You have a choice. You have the choice to be stuck, you have the choice to look at all the excuses why you can’t change, or you have the choice to be bloody brave, to roll your sleeves up, find the courage deep inside you and just go for it.