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How do you switch off your brain?

I have found myself finding this a bit challenging recently. Running 3 businesses often results in my mind being constantly active, thinking

How do you switch off your brain?2021-11-16T14:57:04+00:00

Do you get negatively triggered?

Triggers are funny things, they can be something that someone says or does or even a facial expression they show. They can even be things like getting a text or email from a certain someone or with a certain subject line. We call these negative anchors in NLP.

Do you get negatively triggered?2021-11-01T17:13:26+00:00

The art of recognising toxic relationships

Relationships can feed us, grow us and sustain us or; they can also drain us and create a toxic atmosphere that shrinks us and chips away at our self-belief and self-confidence. They can also even do both. Read about how you can recognise some of the signs of toxicity

The art of recognising toxic relationships2020-07-29T21:16:31+01:00

Do you really listen

Do you really listen   One of the things people often remark about me is that they feel really listened to and

Do you really listen2020-07-14T17:32:22+01:00

Taking control of that critical inner voice

Andy Coley talks about how you can stop your critical inner voice from taking control and shares 5 tips that enable you to both challenge and learn from it

Taking control of that critical inner voice2020-04-10T07:23:09+01:00

The keys to bringing in an effective coaching culture

Creating an effective coaching-led culture within the organisation is essential for the individuals to thrive and more often than not, getting them to share your passion and at the same time get personal fulfilment can be tricky. Andy Coley discusses how you can move from a telling into a coaching culture.

The keys to bringing in an effective coaching culture2020-04-08T20:08:45+01:00