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Presenting with Confidence

The Secrets to Fear Free Presenting

Does your stomach drops, your head feels like it’s filled with marshmallows, your hands shake, and all you want to do is sit down and never speak in front of a group again? Or perhaps it is something else for you?

Or are you now running live virtual meetings and events and feel your nerves getting the better of you?

In this book we share with you some incredibly effective ways to handle those nerves and gain the confidence you want to stand up, get your message across and be remembered as an effective speaker.

These tools and techniques have helped the hundreds of people we have worked with overcome their fear and even start to enjoy getting up there and talking to large groups of people, whether it be in person or on camera!

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NLP and releasing negative triggers

Free Video Recording

Recorded in May 2020, this video looks at how you can be triggered negatively by external factors and internal thoughts.  These triggers can affect your emotional state and your resulting behaviours.

Your triggers can really affect your mental health and you can consciously or unconsciously end up avoiding or even isolating yourself in order to avoid feeling triggered.

If you get frustrated, upset or angry at something/someone and end up in a negative spiral or thought pattern, this free video resource will give you a better level of understanding as well as some NLP tools that can help stop those triggers impacting you.

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NLP and limiting beliefs

Free Video Recording

As a coach you may often find that your client’s deeper level challenges lie in letting go of some of the unhelpful and limiting beliefs they are holding onto about themselves, others, their future, their past, their present or the situation.

Working with NLP and limiting beliefs as a coach provides you with a vast range of methods to enable your clients to free themselves from the shackles that these negative or old beliefs can put on them.

This video recording of a session that Jo did for the Midland Coaching Conference explains five of these ways that you can add the tools of NLP into your coaching to empower the people you want to help move forward.

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The keys to staff engagement and confident teams

Free eBook

Staff and team engagement is something that we are frequently asked to help with within commercial, public, NHS and other healthcare organisations and it is an interesting topic in so many ways!

If you feel that this is an area that your organisation could improve upon then this eBook reveals some of the key principles behind successful staff engagement and shows how it is the key to a motivated and confident team culture.

We look at the key principles for you as a leader to ensure you engage your team, how you can understand more about how your team ticks and how to promote an open and honest culture and so much more!

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Staying motivated in challenging times

Free eBook

This eBook has been written during, we believe, the most challenging time that many of us have ever experienced. The lockdown in the UK, and many other countries, due to Covid-19 has meant that our previously normal daily lives have been completely disrupted.

This short eBook has been written with the intention of giving you some simple ways of maintaining your motivation during this time and also as a handbook that you can take with you and refer back to if you find your motivation slipping in the future. Although it is written at the time of the Covid-19 lockdown, everything covered can be applied and taken forward to future times when we find ourselves challenged or having to adjust to significant change.

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Controlling Your Critical Inner Voice

Free Video Recording

Our inner voice can be our friend and yet it can often feel like it is working against us.

Are you sometimes overly critical of yourself?

Do you often tell yourself really unhelpful stories?

Do you find you lack confidence in certain situations, get frustrated with your procrastination habits, find your resilience lacking or your mood impacted by your thoughts?

Does your critical inner voice is making it difficult to maintain your motivation and your mental well-being?

This video recording of our live online training held in April 2020 will provide you with some great ways to control your critical inner voice with the Power of NLP.

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