We hold regular online NLP practice groups for any of our current graduates and also welcome those of you who have an interest in NLP and want the opportunity to explore NLP further with like-minded individuals.

Each live online NLP practice group will concentrate on one tool, language construct or technique within NLP and/ or Clean Language.

Following a refresher summary and a deeper look at how that aspect of NLP or Clean Language can be applied, you will then have the opportunity to go into break out rooms in pairs or small groups and coach each other and also receive feedback.

If you have already completed your NLP training with us this gives you a great opportunity to fine tune and practice your skills, re-immerse yourself with members of your NLP family and get the opportunity to dig even deeper into some of the NLP methodology and its application.

If you are interested in training with us, these free online NLP practice groups give you a great opportunity to experience one of the powerful tools of NLP and also experience what being a member of our NLP family is like!

For details of our next free online NLP practice group visit our events page

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