High impact courses and accredited NLP Practitioner training for your organisation

We are immensely proud of the fact that we are able to work within a wide variety of organisations to provide highly practical workshops, facilitated events and programmes that make a significant difference to the performance of your employees or teams and facilitates growth and collaboration.

Having extensive experience in working within healthcare, public sector, 3rd sector and commercial organisations, we ensure that every one of our courses are designed to make the impact you need and provide your staff with the resources and skills to give you the competitive edge and meet the challenges within your industry.

We are also able to provide high impact talks and lunch and learn sessions that motivate, empower and change the thinking and behaviours of your people.

Applied NLP Practitioner training for your organisation

We love providing companies with a unique facility to bring core Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) skills to their organisation in a way that is able to be applied in your unique environment through our NLP Applied Practitioner.

NLP is a multidimensional process that involves the development of behavioural competence and flexibility, and incorporates strategic thinking and an understanding of the mental and cognitive processes behind behaviour. Training your staff to become Applied NLP Practitioners is a really powerful way to embed a forward thinking and dynamic culture within your company whilst equipping your team members with the personal skills they need to effect change.

Our training is adapted to allow all delegates to implement their new skills in a practical way in their own team and workplace. We look at the specific challenges of the individuals and ensure we provide them with the resources to meet those challenges.

Contact us today to find out how training your key staff in NLP can make an impact for them and your organisation.

Just some of the benefits of having NLP trained staff in your organisation

  • Enhanced leadership abilities and leading by example

  • New skills to enable effective team dynamics and the ability to move things forward

  • Shared learning to ensure the optimisation of client/customer service

  • Managers to embody the characteristics of successful leaders

  • The building of a coaching culture and system for talent management and retention

  • Creative problem solving

  • Understanding different thinking styles and applying that understanding

  • Defining clear goals and ensuring these goals are at the core of the team

  • The modelling of excellence

  • Installation of the keys to effective team work

  • Enhanced coaching skills in house

  • Positive thinking employees with leadership skills

  • Enhanced negotiation skills within the organisation

  • Team members who can find creative solutions and proactively look for service improvements

  • Staff who take ownership of their own personal growth

  • Optimisation of customer service strategies

  • Team members who embrace change

  • Increased staff engagement, motivation and responsibility

What your people get from our in-house Applied NLP Practitioner training

We are fully accredited and internationally recognised by both the Association for Integrative Psychology (AIP) and the association for NLP as an approved training institute of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. As a result, on successful completion of the Applied NLP Practitioner training course your staff will also become a recognised NLP Practitioners. Here’s a summary of what else this gives you:

      • Certified NLP Practitioner qualification as recognised by the AIP and ANLP

      • Dedicated support and post course reminders from qualified staff

      • Free practice groups

      • A free public workshop for each staff member on the course

      • A full NLP Practitioner manual

      • Exclusive access to our ‘Beyond Learning Zone’

Training and facilitation programmes that deliver results

The key to an effective programme of change is to really understand the drivers for the organisation, its stakeholders and the people who are carrying out the operation on a day to day basis. We work with you to obtain this understanding and then develop a training programme that is empowering, interactive, fun and achieves sustainable and lasting results.

Flexibility is key when working with any of our clients. We recognise the need to provide our services in-line with the operational pressures and priorities of your organisation and pride ourselves on the quality of our provision.

Combining extensive project and change management experience with our coaching and training expertise, we offer a wide range of tailored in-house training and facilitation programmes that make the impact you need.

For examples of our in-house training programmes please click here 

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As motivational speakers, personal development speakers and business speakers our NLP based keynotes are challenging, fun, thought provoking and, at times, humorous and we give a lot of content to our audiences. Inspiring, educational and transformational – our talks will have your audience opening their hearts and minds to their own power and potential and, in even a small amount of time, they will be digging deep to uncover what is blocking them from attaining their business and personal goals and dreams. Oh yes and expect to hear lots of laughter too as we open them up to the humour behind people’s thoughts and actions.

We are available to speak together or individually and we both have significant experience as motivational speakers and trainers to large audiences throughout the UK.

All keynotes can be tailored to relate to a personal, business or career focussed audience.

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Slide “The trainers engage with the attendees to get them to take responsibility for what they themselves bring to a communicative act, in order to develop insight and enhance the effectiveness of their interactions with patients and with each other. They bring their professional experience to bear on how to successfully manage processes and ensure that quality and consistency are embedded in practice routines. Lewisham CEPN recommends Beyond Training Solutions without reservation. Meet them. That will convince you” Colin Paget, Director of Operations of Lewisham CEPN Slide “Beyond Training Solutions have delivered a significant number of management training and leadership coaching programs for the senior and middle management of Toshiba during the last 3 years. Throughout this time we have found the content and delivery of the courses to be of the highest quality with the BTS programs providing the platform for higher staff motivation & continuous management improvement within our company. I have no hesitation in recommending BTS as a potential provider of training or coaching solutions for your company or organisation”. Adam Sheppard, Managing Director of Toshiba Tec UK Slide “Absolutely get them on board, grab them while you can! Why would I say that? Well there are a number of reasons: the first thing is they have got a range of technical skills in their toolbox that they’re able to impart and share with people. They can work with people on these tools on a range of levels across the organisation from people who are comfortable and familiar with working at that sort of level to people for whom it is a whole new language. At every stage they flex and work with you, without judgement.” Anthony Nally, Operations Director of Braintree Community Hospital

Slide “I felt comfortable enough with the group to open up fully and I feel I have reaped the rewards on a emotional, professional and personal level. Thank You!” Manager of East of England Ambulance Service