We believe our NLP diploma is special

Do you recognise that sometimes you have conversations that just don’t quite connect?

Are you a manager or team leader that wants to empower their team and encourage them to take ownership whilst enhancing your own coaching skills?

Are you a healthcare professional who wants to start to implement a coaching approach within their consultations to enable patients to own their own health outcomes?

Are you passionate about learning the skills of NLP to empower yourself and others and want to take that initial first step?

We built our NLP Core Coaching Skills Diploma specifically to fulfil these needs and provide an ANLP accredited NLP diploma that takes the key components of our NLP Practitioner course, allowing you to learn new coaching / mentoring techniques as well as improve your existing coaching skills.

We take you through the building blocks and principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming so that you can be at your best when working with other people.

This NLP Diploma course forms the first three days of the full NLP Practitioner course and can be taken as a stand-alone module and is accredited by the Association for ANLP (ANLP) so you will receive an industry recognised qualification.

Our NLP Diploma course is practical, with many of the key principles being enhanced through our online learning platform before you attend the live online training. Not only will you learn the core NLP coaching techniques, we also introduce you to the power of Clean Language and provide you with some amazing questions you can ask that dig deep beneath the surface structure of the presenting problem and create significant shifts!

Learn and Experience

During the NLP diploma course and further enhanced through our online learning solution, you will learn the following key principles of NLP and experience how these can be applied in a coaching context:

  • Introduction to the power of the conscious & unconscious mind

  • Understanding language structure and the power of words

  • How to frame your coaching sessions

  • Utilising sensory acuity to spot the clues that the other person is giving you

  • The importance of listening without presumption

  • Putting clients in control rather than being at effect of their situation

  • How to create lasting rapport with those you work with

  • The NLP Communication Model (Epistemology)

  • Understanding people communicate differently and how to ‘speak their language’ by observing their language and physiology

  • How changing the way you recall information can change the way that you feel about situations and how that helps clients to shift their perspective

Powerful Coaching Tools

During the live training aspect of this NLP diploma you will learn some powerful NLP strategies and techniques that you can utilise within your coaching to empower the people you work with and enhance the effectiveness of your coaching conversations:

  • The importance of setting outcomes and NLP SMART outcomes

  • How to use the NLP Values wheel – providing clients with motivation for change

  • Challenging limiting beliefs and understanding and controlling the critical inner voice

  • Clean Language questions to get under the surface of their problem/outcome and look at what they’d like to have happen

  • Hierarchy of ideas and how to shift clients out of being stuck in the problem

  • What needs to happen for that to happen – taking ownership

  • Recognising language preferences and adapting your communication style

  • Introduction to anchoring and how to create positive states with clients

This NLP Diploma course gives you the ability to help people move forward towards a future that they define. Taught in a safe and supportive environment, you will gain the skills and resources needed and will be amazed at how quickly you can facilitate people to let go of things that previously held them back!


There are currently still limited spaces available on our next NLP diploma course on the following dates:

14 – 16 October 2022 in Central London

28th – 30th April 2023 Online

Pricing information

£787 (special price)

We are currently offering a special discounted price of £787 for our diploma course for all bookings made 30 days before course commencement. This is a 20% discount from our standard RRP (£984). You can pay in up to 4 interest free instalments.

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