Certified NLP Master Practitioner Training

Delivering our NLP Master Practitioner training is the highlight of our year as we love seeing both the amazing personal shifts that people experience and the advanced level of artfully coaching others that our delegates master during the course.

Our NLP Master Practitioner course is delivered in two modules; the first in London (5 days), the second in a beautiful retreat venue where you stay to enjoy this peaceful retreat for 6 days whilst learning how to take your NLP skills to the next level.

You’ll work alongside others in this small welcoming group, learning from and supporting each other in relaxing surroundings, whilst, dare we say it… having fun! This course will equip you with advanced linguistic skills, clean language techniques and the ability to master one to one coaching. Additionally, you’ll learn how to model excellence, develop your own NLP techniques, refined strategy elicitation and develop sophisticated communication skills.

Module one – Five days non-residential in London

With a blend of NLP and Neuro-Science, the first module takes an in-depth view of how we really work and operate as human beings. You’ll gain everything that will enable you to work through major change plus a tool-kit containing cutting-edge communication skills and advanced linguistic patterns. Using just language, you’ll learn how to shift limiting beliefs and past decisions, have new choices and positively change your interaction with those around you. You will also study the art of modelling skills from people who are excellent at what they do.

Module two – Six days residential retreat

The cost of your NLP Master Practitioner training includes all of your accommodation, breakfast and lunch in a beautiful and tranquil setting. This second module enables you to work at a deep change level with yourself and through coaching others.

You will learn sophisticated and advanced coaching methodology, work with unconscious signals and further develop your modelling and strategy skills to understand the keys to mastering excellence.

Re-attend your NLP Master Practitioner for free and so much more!

We are fully accredited and internationally recognised by The Association for NLP (ANLP) as an approved training institute of

Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

As a result, on successful completion of the course you will become a recognised NLP Master Practitioner. Here’s a summary of what else this course gives you:

    • Certified NLP Master Practitioner qualification as recognised by the ANLP

    • Free re-attendance to our future NLP Master Practitioner courses*

    • Dedicated support and post course reminders and optional inclusion in our supportive Practitioner Facebook Group

    • 3 months membership of the ANLP

    • A full NLP Master Practitioner manual

    • Exclusive access to your ‘Beyond Learning Zone’ filled with content and information that you can dip back into whenever you need

*the only cost for re-attending Master Practitioner will be the residential costs for module two

Take your NLP skills to a sophisticated level and enable quick and lasting change

  • Master the skills of NLP and be able to use them artfully in everyday interactions

  • Be able to coach people to a high-level and be able to adapt your knowledge to a wide variety of situations

  • Utilise advanced linguistic skills to tap into the unconscious mind’s ability to make lasting change quickly & effectively

  • Learn advanced negotiation and influencing skills

  • Work with your unconscious mind to get out of your own way

  • Model excellence beyond skills to an unconscious and conscious level to find the difference that makes the difference

  • Build or enhance your coaching career or bring high level coaching skills into your role

  • Understand powerful change models to enable people to get out of their own way and achieve their dreams and aspirations

The power of the unconscious mind and unconscious signals

Do you often recognise in yourself, or others, the conscious recognition of the necessity for change and even conscious agreement, yet change doesn’t happen and unhelpful behaviours continue?

This is because our unconscious mind may well be holding onto a secondary gain from the original behaviour or emotional reaction. We need to give clear instructions to our unconscious mind and sometimes even go into a negotiation with it.

You’ll understand how and why the unconscious mind works and how you can work with unconscious signals for yourself and your clients to remove unconscious blocks, recognise secondary gains and implement new positive behaviours, thought patterns and emotions.

Throughout your NLP Master Practitioner Training you will also gain a deeper understanding of the power of the unconscious mind and how to use advanced linguistic patterns to enable change.

Throughout your NLP Master Practitioner Training you will also gain a deeper understanding of the power of the unconscious mind and how to use advanced linguistic patterns to enable change.

Who is this course ideal for?

Take this opportunity if you recognise that now is the time for you to make a deep level change in the way you live your life. Whether this be a completely new direction or simply building a new and empowered relationship with yourself, letting go of past experiences so they no longer impact you, gaining the enriched support you need or simply changing old habits and patterns of behaviour.

Our NLP Master Practitioner Training course is ideal for those who feel that they have a calling to achieve so much more than they already have.

If you are looking to excel as a coach, facilitator, parent, manager, business owner, or just want a course that is tailored to your learning and growth within a supportive environment then this course is for you!

The value of being in a supportive and nurturing environment with your new NLP family is obvious to see when you experience working with fellow like-minded delegates and have the time to concentrate and allow your knowledge to develop and apply. We make no apologies for the fact that we give you lots of content and encourage you to push your learning and experience, and yet the wonderful atmosphere just seems to make that learning journey easy!

What you will learn

  • How to work with your own unconscious signals and how to include unconscious signals in your coaching
  • A recap of all NLP Practitioner level techniques
  • 3 distinct ways of modelling others including modelling skills and modelling states of being
  • How to enable people to model themselves, change unhelpful models and enhance helpful ones
  • Working with strategies, including enabling people to recognise unhelpful behaviour patterns and the installation and utilisation of new strategies
  • How to distract the conscious mind and allow deep work at the unconscious level using advanced language techniques
  • Managing your own state, applying protective filters and boundaries
  • Understanding and applying advanced linguistic patterns to create shift
  • How to use metaphors to work at a deep unconscious level, connect to powerful resources and enable change
  • Adapting people’s model by finding the difference that makes the difference and applying to self
  • Advanced negotiation with self and others
  • Utilisation of space to maximise your coaching impact
  • How to analyse and utilise the data coming from people’s language and enable them to recognise the impact of their own language patterns
  • Improve your own confidence in challenging situations including how to present confidently
  • How to design your own NLP based interventions
  • Take your coaching skills to an advanced level to coach artfully, flexibly and confidently based on the individual in front of you
  • Refined use of sub modalities to connect to positive resources and enable a more empowering view of the problem or situation
  • A space to allow yourself to reflect, learn and create your own empowering shifts

Hear what some of our Master Practitioner’s say….

Places are available for 2022


Our next Master Practitioner is planned for January and April 2024.

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£4,550 (incl Vat)*

*Price includes accommodation, breakfast and lunch costs for residential part of the course.

We are currently offering an extra special discounted price of £4,550 for our NLP Master Practitioner course for all bookings made 60 days before course commencement. This a 20% discount from our standard RRP (£5,688). You can pay in up to 12 interest free instalments.

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