NLP courses – Make the right choice for you

“This course has taught me a lot about myself, it’s empowered me to make big, life changing decisions and the courage to go forward knowing I can do it” – Julia Haynes– Lead Health Visitor

Whatever path you take in your NLP journey it needs to be the right one for you and at the right time. With the choice of three high quality and experiential NLP courses and the amazing support within your NLP family, if you want to make the difference for yourself and the work you do with others, Jo, and the team at Beyond, hope that we are the right fit for you.

It is important that you take that time to connect with what you want to achieve going forward, know that you want to make that difference and work on your own development, to cut the strings of the things that have previously held you back and move beyond your own current boundaries.

You may feel that you want to research NLP courses before you make your choice and that’s great because when you then join us you will know that you have made the right decision for you.

You are our priority

You are our priority, your safety, your learning and how you apply NLP in your life and help others do the same. This is why we restrict the numbers on our NLP courses and qualifications and ensure that you have the time to ask us any questions you feel you need, get one to one space with Jo and learn, not just the amazing tools and techniques of NLP, but also how to apply them in your life.

We also bring in the best of the best from other disciplines such as Clean Language to compliment the tools and techniques of NLP and enhance your toolbox even further.

Whether you are looking to study NLP for your own needs and development, because you want to enhance your coaching skills and really empower others or because you are now at that turning point in your life, we believe you will find the perfect NLP course for you.

With you every step of the way

We refer to people who come on our NLP courses as our NLP family. Why? Because that’s exactly what it feels like – a truly supportive family that cares about each other and is there to support, gently challenge and help you be the best you can be.

Quite honestly, as well as us being there to support you in your NLP application long after you finish your course, the level of support you get from each other is incredible!

We are so passionate about supporting you as much as we can that, if you do the NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner Training, you get to reattend again for free, as many times as you need!

Our certified NLP courses

Core NLP Coaching Skills Diploma

A 3-day accredited diploma course that takes some of the key components of our NLP Practitioner course to enhance your coaching and mentoring skills. Great if you want to dip your toes into NLP or simply know how to bring some of the essential NLP coaching techniques into your existing work.

Our Core NLP Skills Diploma provides you with plenty of opportunity to practice and embed your new coaching skills in this content packed 3 days.

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NLP Practitioner

Whether you are at the stage of your life where you want to invest in you and your development, considering becoming a coach, want to enhance your business skills or just want to add powerful communication and change tools to your current repertoire then this course could be the answer you are looking for.

Our 9-day NLP Practitioner course is internationally recognised by both the Association for Integrative Psychology (AIP) and the Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ANLP).

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NLP Master Practitioner

This is your opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the advanced power of NLP. If you want to work with others to a deep level to enable fast and lasting change or experience huge leaps in your own personal development, then have a look at our 11-day Master Practitioner course.

Part residential, in a glorious location in the New Forest, you will learn how to develop your own NLP techniques, master powerful linguistic models, how to work artfully with the unconscious mind and understand and apply the art of modelling others.

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